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Monday Motorbikes Phoenix

Monday Motorbikes Phoenix electric moped
Monday Motorbikes Phoenix electric moped 85
Monday Motorbikes Phoenix electric moped 85
Monday Motorbikes Phoenix electric moped 85
Monday Motorbikes Phoenix electric moped 85
البطارية18650 Lithium
نطاقغير معروف
وقت الشحن2 ساعات
قوةغير معروف
بطارية قابلة للإزالة
made in USA  


علامة تجاريةMonday Motorbikes
سرعة25 و 45 كم / ساعة
قوةغير معروف
وزنغير معروف
البطارية18650 Lithium
عمر البطاريةدورات 2٬000
نطاقغير معروف
وقت الشحن2 ساعات

The Phoenix is an electric moped from electric moped startup Monday Motorbikes from the USA. The company was created by a team of passionate and environmentally conscience motorcycle riders. The team has been electrifying mobility since 2006 and set several world records for electric mopeds.

The Phoenix is in development and is planned for launch in 2020. The moped can be pre-ordered.


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18650 Lithium
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Monday Motorbikes
605 Hawaii Avenue
Torrance CA 90503
United States of America

Phone: +1 (424) 532-1920
Facebook Messenger:


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